Sweden Wants to be an Oil-Free Nation

Peopleandplanet.net reports that the European nation of Sweden is taking steps to become an oil-free nation by 2020. Furthermore, they are doing so without the addition of more nuclear power plants to provide their energy.

The attempt by the country of 9 million people to become the world’s first practically oil-free economy is being planned by a committee of industrialists, academics, farmers, car makers, civil servants and others, who will report to parliament in several months.

The intention, the Swedish government said yesterday, is to replace all fossil fuels with renewables before climate change destroys economies and growing oil scarcity leads to huge new price rises.

Sweden currently gets most of its energy from nuclear energy and hydroelectric power. Heating is provided largely by geothermal sources and “waste heat.” They still rely heavily on fossil fuels for transportation.

The article also talks about other nations that are taking steps to move away from oil. Most notably are Iceland, which plans to fuel its cars and boats with hydrogen produced by electricity created from renewable sources, and Brazil, which hopes to use sugar cane based ethanol to power the majority of its transport fleet.

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