Eco-Tech Blogger Tells You What You Can Do With Your Electronic Stuff

As many of you already know, the amount of consumer electronics being purchased is growing astronomically these days, and one writer has written a blog about a few “tech habits” that get him riled up — and we love it!

From Good Clean Tech, Erik Rhey made a list of several things people do that annoy him, and it’s titled “Everyday Ecotech: Wasteful Tech Habits that Chap My Hide”.

He seems to mean business, too:

My goal here is not just to wax cantankerous, but to tell you straight out: Don’t do any of these things.

What makes his list of annoying habits? Printing everything, throwing out iPods and cell phones as soon as the new generations hit the market, leaving the computer on 24/7, tossing out perfectly usable things instead of donating them and buying your kids “cheap electronic crap.”

He’s got a point, and hey, sometimes you have to get fired up about things like this! And don’t worry, Erik, it’s doubtful your eyebrows could ever get as bushy as Andy Rooney’s. (I mean really, that just doesn’t seem physically possible!)