Highest Gas Mileage Small to Midsized SUVs and Crossovers for 2013


The SUV is often used as a symbol of anti-environmental excess. Remember the Hummer? Even so, large numbers of people still love to own them and drive them. To pretend that they don’t is pointless. So we’ve compiled this list of SUVs that get the highest gas mileage, which is significantly higher than some of the ones with the worst gas mileage, and also better than some sedans.

The Sport Utility Vehicle is a popular choice for those who enjoy the comfort of a car but the convenience of a truck. SUVs handle off-road adventures better than their smaller counterparts, can hold up to eight passengers while towing, and have extra interior space and cargo room, making the SUV truly versatile. The SUV also straddles the line for fuel efficiency; they generally get better gas mileage than trucks and rival gas mileage on many cars. We have compiled a list of the most fuel-efficient 2013 SUV models based on EPA fuel economy ratings.

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