An eco friendly death? Funerals are going green.

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One day, all of us are going to go to join the big compost pile. It’s generally not something we think about, but we’re all part of the circle of life.

So, how green is the funeral industry? With embalming, cement vaults, metal caskets, and marble headstones, death can leave a pretty big blemish on the environment. Luckily, that’s changing as funeral directors recognize the demand for green alternatives.

Many funeral homes now offer bio-degradable caskets, embalming free preparations, and even tree care services (to mark the burial site instead of a headstone). Since green burials use far fewer resources, these environmentally friendly alternatives cost far less than traditional funerals.

The $20 billion-a-year mortuary industry offers a service that remains the [average person’s] third-largest personal expense, after a house and car.

Going green means leaving a healthier planet and a bigger inheritance for your loved ones too!