Future Electric Cars: 2012 and Beyond

Update: Our 2013 Electric Cars in the USA article is now available.

The future’s looking bright for sustainable cars. You may have read our article on Electric Cars for 2011 and wondered what is ahead for 2012 and beyond. Here’s a preview of what’s in development. We’ll provide specs where we can, but as many of these are early-stage concepts, you can’t really take the car company’s word for it. Once the automotive press gets ahold of it and consumers can drive it, then we will have a good idea of each car’s strengths and weaknesses.

To briefly recap, electric cars have an electric drivetrain with power coming from powerful, high-tech batteries. Electric cars can be plug-ins, or feature a small, fuel-powered internal combustion engine that works as a generator to recharge the batteries. Hybrids feature a mixed electric/gas-powered drivetrain. We’ll just be covering electric cars here.

Future Electric Cars 2012
The Mitsubishi “i”

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