7 Cool Green iPhone Apps

With hundreds of thousands of iPhone apps to choose from, it’s sometimes hard to find the cool stuff, if it isn’t listed in the top 50 apps list on Itunes.

Here’s a list of 7 cool, green iPhone apps that you should check out.

Find Green

This cool iPhone app is sort of like a Yelp for green businesses, and it’s free! Granted, it doesn’t have as many businesses listed as some people might like. But it has an awesome turn wheel interface that quickly find categories and businesses.


Carbon Calc

Worried about your carbon footprint? Now you can measure the impact of your car, home and flights with this free tool.


The Green Book Lite

This app is a free preview of an actual book you can buy called The Green Book, The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Step at a Time.



Find out where you can recycle or properly dispose of just about anything with EcoFinder.



It’s probably already one of the green blogs that you already visit, and now you can keep it handy on your iPhone or iPad with this app. Makes it easy to read the site on your phone.



Find safe, healthy and sustainable products with the GoodGuide app. More than 70,000 product ratings are included, and you can even scan a bar code with your phone to look it up quickly!


Greenpeace Tissue Guide

I know, it sounds like a joke, right? But as the app points out, did you know that if every family replaces just 1 roll of toilet paper per year with recycled paper instead of virgin paper, it would save 400,000 trees? The app makes it quick and easy to find out which brands of facial tissues, toilet paper, paper towels, and napkins are truly green, so you know what to buy!


The Power of Green

This app gives you more than 100 illustrated tips for saving energy, organized by category. There’s heating, cooling, water efficiency, water heating, lighting, weatherization, appliance information and much more. If you use this app, you’re certain to save on energy bills, which helps the environment too.


What did we miss? What’s your favorite iPhone app related to green living and the environment?

Leave a comment and let us know!

An eco friendly death? Funerals are going green.

Photo courtesy of Hartaarn at Flickr.com.

One day, all of us are going to go to join the big compost pile. It’s generally not something we think about, but we’re all part of the circle of life.

So, how green is the funeral industry? With embalming, cement vaults, metal caskets, and marble headstones, death can leave a pretty big blemish on the environment. Luckily, that’s changing as funeral directors recognize the demand for green alternatives.

Many funeral homes now offer bio-degradable caskets, embalming free preparations, and even tree care services (to mark the burial site instead of a headstone). Since green burials use far fewer resources, these environmentally friendly alternatives cost far less than traditional funerals.

The $20 billion-a-year mortuary industry offers a service that remains the [average person’s] third-largest personal expense, after a house and car.

Going green means leaving a healthier planet and a bigger inheritance for your loved ones too!

Thank goodness for hot Swedes!

Photo courtesy of Faelyn at Flickr.com.

Have you ever been in a confined space with a lot of other people and felt the temperature rising? Rather than give into claustrophobia, a Swedish company is going to convert body heat into energy. The heat will be used to reduce energy costs at a building near Stockholm’s Central Station. There’s no word on whether the Swedish Bikini Team will have an office yet, but imagine the electricity they could save!

Photo courtesy of Blackpepper eye at Flickr.com.