Truly Organic Kids Clothes: Where to Find

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You’re probably wondering if buying organic kids clothes is better for your children. The answer is: it depends.

You may be surprised to learn that the current U.S. label of “organic” on clothing only refer to how the fabric was grown — it does not cover the processing and manufacturing that the fabrics undergo after harvest. The USDA¬† clearly states this on page 11 of the National Organic Program Final Rule [PDF].

So just because that cute onesie you bought for your baby says “made with 100% organic cotton” it does not mean it is nontoxic. Harsh chemicals can be used in the processing and dyeing of the clothing. While organic growing methods are clearly best for the environment, you’ll need to dig a little deeper to make sure the end product is also good for your family. There are several certifications out there that do cover the processing of fabrics. Look for the following when purchasing organic clothing and bedding for your family: