Portable Computer Solar Chargers: How to Choose

You love your laptop. It’s a constant on-the-go-companion for working outside the office, or for keeping up with friends. The problem is that when your battery runs low, there isn’t always have an outlet handy. Luckily, there’s a solar solution to this dilemma: portable computer solar chargers.

A Variety of Solar Charger Styles

Many different options and styles exist for solar laptop chargers. There are solar rolls that spread out like a picnic blanket, or types that open like a briefcase. Portability and the unit’s capacity for collecting the sun’s light are considerations you’ll need to weigh. When buying one, look for how long it takes the unit to charge, what kind of electrical output it gives and for how long. Also, your laptop may be energy-efficient, or it could be an electricity hog. The same charger will work differently on two different laptops. So research your computer’s energy use first.

Portable Computer Solar Charger
CC flickr photo courtesy of AnnieGreenSprings

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