Solar Chargers and Solar Lights for Backpacking and Camping

Looking for the best solar charger or solar lighting options for your next backpacking or camping trip? We’re here to help.

The great outdoors. The grandeur of Mother Nature and wide-open expanses. Beautiful vistas… And no power outlets. Here’s an overview of solar charger options for backpacking or camping.

If you’re navigating using GPS, taking photos, or are bringing along other small electronics, you’ll need to carry extra batteries — or carry one of these devices.

Solar Chargers for Camping
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Portable Computer Solar Chargers: How to Choose

You love your laptop. It’s a constant on-the-go-companion for working outside the office, or for keeping up with friends. The problem is that when your battery runs low, there isn’t always have an outlet handy. Luckily, there’s a solar solution to this dilemma: portable computer solar chargers.

A Variety of Solar Charger Styles

Many different options and styles exist for solar laptop chargers. There are solar rolls that spread out like a picnic blanket, or types that open like a briefcase. Portability and the unit’s capacity for collecting the sun’s light are considerations you’ll need to weigh. When buying one, look for how long it takes the unit to charge, what kind of electrical output it gives and for how long. Also, your laptop may be energy-efficient, or it could be an electricity hog. The same charger will work differently on two different laptops. So research your computer’s energy use first.

Portable Computer Solar Charger
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Solar Chargers for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


Solar Chargers for your ipad
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You love your Apple products. Whether it’s their sleek design or high performance, you just can’t go anywhere without them. But if you’re away from an outlet and your device needs some power, you’re out of luck. Unless you have a solar charger, that is. They give you a free, eco-conscious way to power your iPhone, iPod, iTouch or iPad. Here are some options to consider.

Solar Chargers for the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone

ReVIVE Series Solar ReStore External Battery Pack – This charger receives high marks on and is compatible with most iPod, iTouch and iPhones. It charges its internal 1500 mAh battery using the sun, AC or USB power. However, sunlight will only charge the battery to 50 percent, which will provide a 40-50 percent charge to your device. It also comes with suction cups so you can stick it to a window to charge. It is about the size of an iPhone and sells for about $30.

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