Robert F Kennedy doesn’t like coal mountaintop removal mining, but he doesn’t like wind either

I saw this guest blog post by Robert F Kennedy on the official Google blog today about mountaintop coal mining and how it devastates the environment.

I agree with his assessment of mountaintop removal coal mining.

But I can’t help but wonder where Mr. Kennedy expects our electricity to come from, when he is also one of the biggest NIMBY (not in my backyard) opponents of wind power?

Here are some choices, as explained last year in a Wall Street Journal editorial.

Where does America get its electrical power, the annual four billion megawatt-hours of electricity consumed by our industries, cities, transportation, hospitals, homes and personal needs? Coal plants provide 51% of the nation’s electrical energy; nuclear power 21%, natural gas 16%, oil 3% and renewable resources 9%, most of which is hydropower.

And where do the electrical sector’s carbon dioxide emissions come from? About 82% from burning coal, 13% from natural gas, 3% from petroleum, and none at all from nuclear power plants.

So if additional electrical power were needed in a community, as it is in Delaware’s growing coastal Sussex County, what kind of a power generation facility should be built? Nuclear is politically untenable, especially with a plant across the river, in New Jersey, so two traditional proposals have been submitted, one for a 177-megawatt gas turbine at an existing energy facility, and another for a new 600-megawatt coal-fired plant.

And then came a third proposal: construction off the Delaware coast of 200 wind turbines that would generate 600 megawatts of electrical power.