Yahoo Green Blog, Valentine’s Day link roundup

Here’s a tip I got about some of the Valentine’s Day related posts on the Yahoo! Green blog.

It looked like the perfect opportunity to be incredibly lazy and create a Valentine’s Day post without actually having to do anything. Here it is:

Yahoo! Green has a big collection of advice on how to make this special day with your sweetie an eco-friendly one.

Check out for tips on last minute Green Valentine’s ideas, earth-friendly chocolates and sweets, and the environmental impact of traditional gifts like roses and diamonds.

Chocolate is rumored to be an aphrodisiac. Of course it tastes good too. But behind the dark, delicious morsels lay some unfortunate environmental truths.

Unfortunately, the modern symbol of love is also a token of terrible tragedies. If you’re looking to buy with a clear conscience, you’ll want to do a little research before you’re beguiled by the brilliance.

Nothing says love like a long-stemmed red rose… but at what cost to the environment? How are those flowers grown? Where do they come from?

“Be mine.” “Hot stuff.” “Kiss me.” Cute messages of love on a classic Valentine’s Day candy — the biggest selling sweet other than chocolate for February 14th. But not the sweetest message you could give to the planet. Here are the top three reasons why Valentine’s conversation hearts are not eco-friendly.