2010 diesel cars in the USA: here’s the lineup

Wait! Have you seen our guide to 2011 diesel cars yet?

There really hasn’t been any significant increase in the number of diesel cars available on the US market since our 2009 diesel car post from last year.  While common in Europe, stricter emissions requirements in some states and the recent temporary bout of high priced diesel fuel here has most car manufacturers hesitant to invest the money for what has only shown to be a small segment of the market so far in the United States.

Here is this year’s list of which 2010 diesel cars that automobile manufacturers will be offering:


Acura does not offer a diesel model.


AUDI Q7 and A3 TDI, courtesy Audi

A3 2.0 TDI clean diesel is available, details here, a small hatchback that gets 30 mpg hwy, 42 city.

Audi Q7 TDI will be Audi’s diesel engined SUV, getting 17 mpg city, 25 mpg hwy.  Details available here.

These vehicle will take a maximum of B5 biodiesel.



335d“We offer two diesels, the BMW Advanced Diesel 335d and the X5xDrive35d.  They have been on sale since January of this year.”x5_xDrive_35d



No Buick diesels for 2010


No Cadillac Diesels


No diesel engine cars for Chevy  this year.


No diesel cars this year for Chrysler brands.


No diesel cars for Ford this year.


From Honda: “There are no current plans to bring a diesel-powered vehicle to the US in 2010.“


No diesels listed for the 2010 model year.


No diesels listed for the 2010 model year.


No diesels listed for the 2010 model year.


No diesels listed for the 2010 model year.


No diesels listed for the 2010 model year.


Mercedes ML-350 courtesy Mercedes Benz
Mercedes ML-350 courtesy Mercedes Benz

This year Mercedes offers the ML350 sport utility, 18 mpg city 26 hwy, R350 crossover, 18 mpg city 24 hwy, and the GL350 sport utility, 17 mpg ciy 23 hwy.  According to a representitive in addition to the above  Mercedes USA  will be adding the E350 to the famous Blutec Diesel line later in the year.

Mercedes RL-350 courtesy Mercedes Benz
Mercedes RL-350 courtesy Mercedes Benz
Mercedes GL-350 courtesy Mercedes Benz
Mercedes GL-350 courtesy Mercedes Benz


No diesels listed for the 2010 model year.


No diesels listed for the 2010 model year.


No diesels listed for the 2010 model year.


The Pontiac brand has been discontinued.  Although the EPA lists a few Pontiacs for 2010, GM does not.


Saab, a division of GM,  formerly sold a diesel model. But it does not have one this year in the US, or in other countries.


No diesels listed for the 2010 model year.


In other countries, Subura offers the Legacy, Impreza, Outback, and Forrester all equipped with their impressive diesel boxer motor.  Sadly, none of those are available here so equipped.


No diesels listed for the 2010 model year.


Volkswagon Jetta courtesy Volkswagon
Volkswagen Jetta courtesy Volkswagen
Volkswagen Golf TDI courtesy Volkswagen

Volkswagen will have the Jetta, 30 city 42 hwy , The Golf, 30 city 42 hwy, and the  Touareg SUV 18 city, 26 hwy.  These vehicle will take a maximum of B5 biodiesel.  To learn more, visit Volkswagen’s Clean Diesel Site

Volkswagon Touareg courtesy Volkswagon
Volkswagen Touareg courtesy Volkswagen


Although there was talk of a 2010 diesel SUV from Volvo, it has failed to materialize.

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  1. The whole thing about environmental concerns holding back diesel economy cars is bogus. Why is it that I can drive down the street on any day and see a stinking heavy truck belching black smoke out its tailpipe in the year 2010, yet I am prevented from buying a small, 1.2 or 1.4 litre TDI economy car? I think it’s because governments are afraid of touching the truck-based industries, but feel that it’s just fine to keep the average person down by overtly denying him access to what is clearly superior technology.

  2. I agree. I drove mercedes, bmw, ford, and audi diesels in germany. They got great milage, and had great power as the 6 cylinder mercedes diesel i drove would go up to 160 mph and out accelerate most of the gas cars on the road.
    I sent emails to the european car companies in 2004 asking why they didn’t bring them to the US and they replyed because they wouldn’t sell here. now in these hard times, I’m surprized more diesels aren’t showing up here. The 6 cylinder diesels have plenty of power for towing, accelerating and still get 30 mpg when driven hard.

    I’m very surprized no one has jumped on the bandwagon of a diesel hybrid. Imagine a car that gets 50-60 mpg combined

  3. It is wrong to say that American automakers do not know how to make excellent and very efficient diesel cars.
    GM owns Opel in Germany and they make very fine diesel cars with very high milage, very pleasant to drive, high torque and power with little sized engines. And these cars last for ever.
    Ford is the same in both Germany and UK. I drove lately a rented Xmax ( same size as the Voyager ) , I was amazed about the power ( only 2 liter motor ! ) and the low consumption, 50 Mpg.
    Both are not af away from the quality, efficiencies of the BMW’s or Mercedes….
    Americans Can Make It, but do they have the will to make it in the USA ?

  4. American auto manufacturers realize that diesel cars are much more efficient and that they last for almost twice as long. They refuse to make it because it will reduce the amount of cars sold in the future due to longer lasting cars. Please US Auto manufacturers, Pull your heads out of your asses and get with the program!

  5. I drove a rented Ford Galaxie minivan for 3 weeks last year all over Germany. 2.0 Turbo Diesel- quiet, pulled like a strong V6, excellent mileage. My cousin had a diesel BMW X3- even stronger and faster. Sure wish I could get one of these or any of the dozens of diesels that are available across Europe.

  6. I now have 310,000 miles on my 6,5 turbo diesel 4wd 1997 chev suburban….oil n filter changed every 3000 miles at the dealer, gets 25 mpg at 66 mph ( 1600 rpm). American automakers its clear have some kind of deal goin against producing diesel engines for the american market. Case in point GM scrapped its ISUZU designed Italian built V6 intended for Caddilacs….Its Volitile secret 503 inch V-12 truck diesel was producing awsome power and torque at low rpm….whut gives ? thanks juice

  7. The reason you don’t see diesels in the U.S.A. is : California Air Resources Board Forget all the conspiracy bullshit that you have heard or read from the knucklheads on the internet… The C.A.R.B. is the sole reason that US automakers don’t bother to try and sell diesels in the U.S.

    20-%-25% of all cars sold in the U.S. are sold in California. C.A.R.B. rules are too restrictive to allow Diesels to be sold in California…. so why bother!!

    The cold hard facts

  8. @Anonymous

    This post is about diesel cars available in the United States. This Saab will not be available in the US, unfortunately.

    The United States has very strict emissions standards for diesel engines that requires an expensive upgrade, and most manufacturers are not willing to spend the money to introduce diesels in the United States.

  9. I recently moved back to Europe from the US and got a 2009 Ford Mondeo 1.8 TDCi as a company car. The car is very well built, looks great, drives and handles excellent and with my heavy right foot gets well above 40 mpg combined city/hwy fuel economy. I am bewildered why Ford won’t introduce this, or similar, model in the US??? They are investing in the Hybrid technology for the Fusion, which in my opinion is inferior to the Diesel they have developed in Europe and is readily available to be used in other markets.

    Henry Ford said the following about Model T:
    “I will build a car for the great multitude. It will be large enough for the family, but small enough for the individual to run and care for. It will be constructed of the best materials, by the best men to be hired, after the simplest designs that modern engineering can devise. But it will be so low in price that no man making a good salary will be unable to own one—and enjoy with his family the blessing of hours of pleasure in God’s great open spaces.”

    Ford… Please put politics aside and stick to one of the principles of your founding father and start offering cars that are built well and using the best technology available. This principle served you well in the past and I’m convinced it will do the same going forward.

  10. I have owned a Jeep Liberty Diesel since 2006. I love it. 30mpg. In the United States we are regulating ourselves to death. It is a shame that so many cars are available in europe with fantastic fuel economy and we can’t get ’em here. Someday we will regret our waste and foolish environmental laws.

  11. As previously mentioned, it is C.A.R.B. restrictions out of California that are to blame. If a vehicle cannot pass their restrictions than the rest of the country suffers. “So goes California, so goes the rest of the nation”.

  12. I have driven a Diesel for more years than most ppl have had the right to drive
    And the Diesel is not the problem with air quality … it is the fact that oil companys want gas to be sold .. they make more money with gas sales than diesel .. so they raise the price of diesel .. so ppl will not buy it
    to make gas one has to make diesel first … at one time they use to thow away gas because it was useless and they sold diesel as fuel oil for heating
    Diesel is cleaner than gas .. you may see smoke from them .. but it is harmless … just looks bad
    A gas engine puts out acid and so we now get acid rain .. and not tha smog of old days … one can make a car or truck run so clean off diesel that all that comes out the tailpipe is water … and can get 100 mpg easy in a car … I get up to 65 mpg at times with clean exhaust … has a waste of water only and this is in a 1 ton Dodge PU … it was easy to do .. just the cost at first was the problem .. but I shopped around and got all the parts instaled for 1/3 the price .. and increast my power by 100hp and cooled down my turbo by 500 deg…and can run my eng at 4000 rpm now without a problem … I now run about 650 hp and at 65mpg … can a gas eng say that … no
    I can pull my 5th wheel and get 45 mpg and do not even know it is behind me at 70 mph up a hill … a gas eng can never do that
    I had to buy a used diesel car .. a couple years old … because a new one cost more that $65,000 and I picked up that same one for $25,000 and had low miles on it .. aand I know it will last me a million miles like my trucks have
    And a Diesel can run off Bio-Fuel thaat one can make or you can buy and that does not use but food oil
    A Diesel is the only vehical one should get … if those idiots in California will not have them sold there .. there are 49 other states that can be sold in and thay will be the ones that lose out .. the rest of the USA will be the winners … and they will have to change there minds or the ppl there will buy from other states and drive them till they are considered used and then have them driven in there state … and that way the laws can not be inforced on them
    I hate gas and how it has held us up for years in prices ..remember the days when .. you had to wait on your day to buy gas .. well if you drove a diesel .. you got it when ever you wanted and at a lower price and no lines to wait for fuel

  13. Everybody seems to have a few pieces of the picture, so let me try to put the puzzle together. Why doesn’t the US car industry bring its excellent European diesels to US shores? NO, its not just C.A.R.B. Although that may be a factor, its the good old UAW which has lobbied our “leaders” in Washington DC to prevent Ford and GM from importing its engines and cars from Europe to protect union jobs here. Oh yes, they will let them build them here, but that means investing billions of $$$ they don’t have. And why should they, when they already have them in Europe? Why do the Germans make the best diesels? Rudolph Diesel was a German inventor and their engineers have been persistantly refining his engine for over 100 years, realizing its a superior all around design, producing much more power and durability than any gasoline engine can. His first engine ran on vegetable oil and can run on almost any bio oil. Crude oil is used because its cheaper. The new VW and MB clean diesels have no problem beating C.A.R.B. standards. Why is our government making diesel fuel so much more expensive with taxes and openly backing hybrid? UAW JOBS. The Germans are way ahead with clean diesel and they think we can leapfrog them with the newer technology. Most shipping, trains, and power plants run on diesel and we have no technology to replace it with.
    The “green” politicians should stop trying to pick “winners” and let the market decide. END STORY.

  14. @ Truck Driver
    I’d like to know how you modified your diesel truck to get 65mpg. That’s an insane mpg figure from a pickup, especially one with that much hp. I have a BMW 335d…..I’m a diesel guy now. So please explain!

  15. I own a 98 Mercedes E300 turbo diesel and I’m at a point in life where I’m thinking about downsizing, selling my house and getting a smaller car. The diesel in most deffinately in my future to stay. I’m really hooked on the VW Jetta diesel, It not only a mid-size luxery car, it gives great millage also. But important to me is that it offers the leg room and ease of getting in and out that a 260 lb man can appreciate. Well worth checking into.

  16. I own a truck for personal use and a van for my business. I have often thought of going back to a VW diesel because I do alot of highway driving and my pick up is hard on gas. The only problem is we fish in the summer and skidoo in the winter. Hence we need to trailer something around. Would a VW diesel pull my aluminum boat out of the lake on a reasonable boat launch?

  17. @Charlie…. VW luxury??

    @Kym….Hauling a trailer and launching/pulling a boat from a lake don’t just have to do with engine power. Assuming you have a rather small boat (because you’re considering pulling it with a 90-135hp VW TDi), it shouldn’t really be a problem as far as power goes. But power is not the only thing to consider. The structure of the chassis may not be able to support a great deal of added weight and your brake and suspension systems are certainly going to be inadequate. Does your car bottom out in the rear when you have a full load of passengers? A boat trailer can do the same thing. If you are deadset on a VW TDi, you should buy it with the intention to swap out the suspension and brake systems with high performance ones before you haul anything. To get more power out of your engine, there are many products available to increase hp on the TDi, such as air intake, boost controller, upgraded turbo, stronger dual-stage clutch, and the all-important ECU chip. For your hauling purposes, I also strongly recommend you add a transmission cooler (U-haul can sell you one of these when they install your trailer hitch) and even a block-mounted oil cooler.

  18. Americans really are missing out not least because they can’t export their domestic cars and trucks

    Slightly off subject, why do americans (and some other people) change engine oil every 3000 miles?

    Most european petrol(gas) and diesel cars are getting changes every 12,000 (often much more) and will easily last 200,000 mile

  19. You americans are missing out to have diesel cars and 4wd’s. I have had turbo diesel 4wd’s in automatic and manaul and one v6 4wd gasoline manaul i did not like driving the v6 gasoline manaul 4wd and when driving down hill in second gear you have to use the breaks and the engine is reaving at 4500 rpm around 60 km/h and i drove down the same road in a turbo diesel the engine was reaving around 2300 rpm and feet on the pedels and the same in a automatic and i drove down the same road in my mothers v8 mercedes automatic and it reaving at around 4000 to 5000 rpm and some poeple say automatic gear boxes have no engine breaking i did prove them wrong. The automatic gear boxes are great in a turbo diesel and some have five and six speed boxes in them and here in australia diesel engines are getting more popular and they are comming out with common rail euro 5 and our diesel is about next to no sulphur i’m not sure i think it is 10ppm it used to be 500ppm to with sulphur and they can run on biodiesel you just goto mcdonalds with a few 44 gallon drums and ask them for there used cooking oil and you can get recipe online. There is a diesel van here in australia that used biodiesel for about 250,000 km i don’t know what that is in miles but the motor was running like new and i would not go back to gasoline cars or 4wd at all and here in australia there are the 200 series land cruser with a v8 twin turbo diesel 4.5 litre engine i thought they would be avalable in the usa the taque is incredable

  20. the reason we dont get diesel in america is a very simle one . the reason is rather embarrasing and blunt. we americans are stupid and uninformed and stupid ,wait i said stupid already.well ill say it again stupid. if people where to sit down and think more then 2 inch’s beyond our faces ,we would see where getting screwed. I can prove where stupid. the epa says a diesel car getting 40 plus miles a gallon is less effiecent and more polluting then a car getting 15 mpg and we belive them . i wonder why the us automakers dont sell the cars we have in europe . The answer is they would go out of buisness faster then a preacher in a whore house. If we the public began getting serious about out vehicle and started buying diesels in mass quatities im sure something amazing would happen. Oh yeah hybrids yeah good one. i wonder what people will think when they have to pay a hazmat fee on the battery when the car is old and needs to be junked. Yes thats right the battery lithium ion is a hazmat material and yes bad for the enviroment . Its bad from the start ,the earth has to be strip mined in china and then to dispose of it, is hazmat and will destroy the soil to where ever it ends up. A Diesel is 100 % recyclable “eventually”. sorry for the rant.

  21. Vincent – I am a big fan of diesel vehicles because of the reliability, MPG, and maintenance,cost. However, I feel that I should comment on you thoughts on “stupid” Americans. I would caution you on bashing so many people by calling them stupid when your use of proper spelling and punctuation shows a high level of stupidity. In addition, I would advise you to go back to elementary school to better sharpen these skills before your next rant.

  22. Acura known as Honda makes a vtec 2.2 diesel everywhere else other than america, Saab makes the 93 and 95 with 2.0 diesels other than america, in fact aabout 95% of the manufacures above make diesels to sell to the world and getting one imported into the states isnt that hard as the cars are built to a higher standard for the EU than america. And finally to Mike “However, I feel that I should comment on you thoughts on “stupid” Americans.” makes me laugh as you taunt the author for his grammar but comment on you thoughts should be comment on your thoughts. You might want to consider spell checking your post before accusing one of being an idiot. haha

  23. With my experence with diesel 4wds I have had to cross a road with water up to my headlights and i drove through without a problem if i did that with a gas motor and i have seen it for my self alot of times where someone does a water crossing on the beach i have seen the 4wd stall by water onto the spark plugs on the motor and they had to be towed and here in australia i have seen 4wd trucks go through that much water the water is over the tyers the great thing about diesels they are cheaper to service and i have never had the timing adjusted on any diesel 4wds and you don’t have to have the motor rebuilt as often then a gas motor and i have been in taxis on the clock with over 990,000 km and the motor was starting to valve noises and i have been in diesel van maxi taxis for use for wheel chairs or 10 passengers with 1.8 mil km on the clock and still no smoke from keeping the service up to date and diesel motors can be driven hard without a problem as i’ve seen in taxis buses and trucks and here in australia they have road trains is a mac truck and three trailers on the back and i do drive diesel 4wds hard around the city and on the beach and sand tracks and they are very ecanomical around the city and on the beach and still get over 1000 km on around 180 litres of diesel and still have fuel when i get home from a week trip away and that is with a warm motor all day with out it blowing smoke all day and that is with the aircondishing running and that is a week with 34 c days and doing that on a gas 4wd driving on sand soft or hard you do see the fuel gage go down very quicky and i have seen my fathers 100 series lexes lx470 v8 gas and it was drinking gas like as if you were drinking a soda out of soda bottle when driving on sand for a day and with tyer pressure at 22 psi and i talked him into a landcruser 100 series 4.2 litre strait 6 cylinder intercooled turbo diesel and he did around the fuel usage then what i was doing with my diesel 4wds he has done over 60,000 km and i have seen another landcruser with the same motor with about 320,000 km and most gas motors at that many km on the clock would be getting close for a engine rebuild someone i know with a 4 runner and he got 400,000 km on the clock and the motor needs a rebuild and most of that is highway driving and city driving.

  24. Two words: Particulate Emissions.

    The burning of diesel contributes orders of magnitude more particulate emissions, along with more NOx emissions.

    In Los Angeles, where smog is a real problem, diesels pose a real threat. Thus, CARB makes regulations that ALL automakers have to follow. There is no “Big Three conspiracy” — believe me, the Japanese make some tremendous diesel engines too, and we don’t see them.

    The bottom line is that diesel IS a dirtier burning fuel than gasoline, and contributes significantly more to air quality problems than gasoline.

  25. well I’m gonna have to say something to a few people here first to Mr. anonymous, I’m afraid you are wrong. diesel and gasoline pollute dearly the same. though your right diesel will pollute a little more. however lets take toyotas best selling hybrid the prius. it gets around 41 miles to the gallon. and we will take the new ford econetic fiesta diesel turbo. which gets around 62 miles to the gallon. the toyota and, im pretty sure on the quantity. is 84.5 grams of tar per liter. the ford is getting around 89.0 grams of tar per liter. now that seems as though your right about the pollution. by about 5 grams. but if we were to both drive 100 miles the toyota will use around 2 1/2 gallons of fuel or about 10 liters of fuel. where as the ford will use around 1 3/4 gallons or 7 liters of fuel. so who would in fact be burning or “polluting” more? now to Mr vincent. the reason why they don’t make allot of diesel vehicles is not quite understood. at least no one has yet to answer up anyway. Is I think, because of the oil industry. america makes up around 25 percent of the worlds oil trade. now I think the reason why is they don,t want us to get good fuel economy. if we were to get decent fuel economy it would probably be worth maybe around 2-3 percent of that figure. so what would 2-3 percent of the worlds oil trade be worth ya think hmm??? maybe 50-60 hell it could be in the hundreds of billions of dollars for all I know. these are the reasons that its this way. not because americans are stupid. just that they have been uninformed and swindled out of there hard earned cash. swindled probably by other americans. or other country’s. now I may not be a “Grammar” queen. but I think I’ve gotten my word across. I am from america. but I live in my other home country here in new zealand I have dual citizenship. I am a heavy diesel mechanic and, I think I know my diesels and, my country’s. so please don’t call me stupid.

  26. Diesels powered cars should have a place in the US market. The numbers can be very confusing. if pollution is your isue we should think of polution per mile driven not gallon of fuel. Diesel will come out way ahead.
    I did a calculation on the cost to drive a mile in UK vs US. In the end the cost was very similiar even though at the time a gallon of us gas cost ~$1.89 and UK and equivalent amount cost ~$5.00 (us gallon is ~4/5 of a UK gallon) . The cost per gallon was very similiar because UK cars could get 50 mpg and US under 20 mpg.
    It’s all in how you manulipate the numbers for you own particular agenda.
    A Big obstical is all the small diesel engines are made oversea and the US would have to import the engines and that is not good for our economy.
    I for one would like the choice.

  27. I don’t think any of you posting comments understand the fundamental principle that explains why diesel cars are restricted. When crude oil is seperated, there is more petrol extracted than diesel. The amount of diesel that is produced is only a small percentage. Diesel availability with respect to demand is already making it more expensive than petrol. If there was a sudden flood of diesel cars, diesel prices would skyrocket and the price of gas (petrol) would drop a bit.

    But it’s true, diesel cars last longer and are more efficient for fuel consumption. Even though the price of diesel is higher, it’s still cheaper to drive a diesel. So the North American market needs a small adjustment: more diesels!

  28. Have you ever noticed that even when we get turbo diesel available here in the USA eg VW you can only get a 4WD in the larger SUV vehicles eg VW Toureg TDI 4motion but the Golf 4 motion is not available as a TDI, I’d put money on it being available in Europe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. It’s about the tax $ and control, not clean air. I second what Steve O has to say about C.A.R.B. It is the bureaucratic BS like this that stymies freedom and prevents the free market from overcoming, technological problems. Instead of requiring by law, certain parts and components (catalytic converter, engine model year etc…) to be installed on/in a vehicle. Set reasonable emissions standards based on vehicle size and miles driven per amount fuel used and then get out of the way. If what is coming out of the tail pipe meets the standard then it’s legal, regardless of components. Ah, if I was the King, I would squash the Liberal freedom killing regulations!

  30. If i lived in the usa and i wanted i would go to europe and buy a car of my choice with a diesel motor and yes it would km/h on the speedo and it is easy to convert to miles or maybe goto canada maybe they have diesels it is a option and i would start a busness selling only diesel cars and suv’s and 4wd’s and inport japenese from europe like hondas and it would make the car makers think very hard how populer they would be. Even goto tahitti and inport from there new cars and even second hand and that what happend here in australia and alot more poeple are buying diesel cars and mazda are bring in alot of diesel cars and it is getting more and more comman and my area nearly everyone who had a suv 4wd had a v6 now they are going diesel and they are better to tow a trailer then a gas powered model

  31. There was an article i read last year where it said that if all suv’s in america converted to diesel engines instead of gasoline engine the us would reduce its fuel consumption to the same amount it imports from Libya every year. That means it would have one less country to be dependent on for oil. That is a significant amount of oil and from only converting suv’s. So it’s only proper to assume that if it converted more vehicles even more fuel savings would occur. And with less dependecies would come lower prices and longer reserves. Which spell bad news for oil industry. I know this because i work directly in the business and its my job to find more reserves and sources of oil. Yet i do agree that diesel engines are better in the long run and a quicker alternative to hybrid engines. And yet from my stand point i do believe that the oil industry as well as the big three in america influence diesel engine sales. When you look at auto sales in Europe and see that 51-60% of auto’s are diesel that tells you something. The american public has been told over the years that diesel engines are loud and smoky and smell bad and they believe it. I own several diesel vehicles and am always amazed when people come up to me and don’t realize that my vehicles are diesel. They can’t imagine a diesel that doesn’t conform to what they have been told over the years to be. New diesel engine have virtually no smell and are just as quiet if not quieter than there gas counterparts. Drive one and you will see just be prepared when you do because you will like it.

  32. Firstly, sorry for my english, I am from Spain, but I’ve been studing in USA for two years. In Europe the 80% cars are diesel and 100% of trucks are diesel, with no exception. I’ve never understood why american car are so inefficients. You will never find in Europe engines more than 2,4 liters, in diesel ir gas, and you can drive above 120 mph with smaller enginers, you dont need consume such quantity of gas for drive the same miles than other european people can do it with the half quantity. Has no sense talk about green pilitics when you can do the same with the half . Diesel is dietier than gas but how many litters more americans throw to the air instead to think in themselves and in the rest of the planet?

  33. American companies are greed driven. Take for instance “planned obsolescence”. So no high quality american cars for us.

  34. I am a brit living here in Michigan and question what the big three are up to ? why are they holding off bring european technology they already have here to the US. The TV adverts for the latest models are laughable !! years ago I owned a 1995 Audi 100 with a 2.5L five cylinder turbo diesel that did 50 to the gallon.
    There are very good 1000cc turbo high effiicency diesel cars being made by Ford/Renault/Peugeot/Volkswagon that will all exceed 70 mpg….why dont they just ship them out to the US ?
    I suspect there is some market manulipation going on here and the US public being conned into thinking 30mpg is aceptable in 2011? the cost of gas has just hit $9 a gallon in the UK ! if the unrest in Arab nations continues ….just wait until it hits home here the the US.

  35. What I’ve never understood, and what bothers the hell out of me is why emissions are so tight that no matter what’s being done to help lower emissions why diesels are still not available to the general public. Manufacturers are trying their hardest to build cars with lower emissions and cleaner buring fuel, and yet the US Govt. is literally tightening its grip on what is allowed to be built and sold in North America! What the hell can be done about that?

  36. Here in Australia nearly every second suv is diesel and sometimes when i go home on the bus i see sometimes only diesel suv 4wd’s all the way home and i personely i like to drive a diesel then a gas powered because the torque is around 1500 rpm then over 2500 rpm and because a diesel doesn’t rev as fast as a gas motor all my diesel’s that i have had were 4 cylinder 2.5 litre and 3.0 litre and they redline at about 4000 rpm and my father has a 100 seres automatic toyota landcruser 4.2 litre turbo diesel inline 6 cylinder and it redline’s at about 4000 rpm and they do get a little getting used to when driving and they do rattle a bit more when they are cold and they quiten down when they warm up and i had a v6 4wd suv and it was noisey when cold and it is the same with any motor that is gas or diesel. I have been on turbo diesel buses that are quiter then a gas car and a turbo cng bus with the motor in the back and all the new buses that we have in Brisbane Australia are euro 5 standed like the new cars with diesel motors

  37. Ain’t nothing but about money big government and oil companies.
    The world rotates inside a bubble so we all breath the same air.
    Canada and mexico both have diesel car’s with high mpg,do you think there air don’t come over to the USA? If the USA is the only green country and the rest of the world is not then what good is it.
    The bubble,we are all inside a big baloon sharing everything.
    Land of the free,that’s a lark,still love my country best,just wish big gov would care instead of stealing from it’s people.

  38. to: Jake 9/19/11
    re: “They refuse to make it because it will reduce the amount of cars sold in the future due to longer lasting cars. ”

    That’s the way it has been since the 1950s [that i know of].
    In late 1960s when I wanted to buy foreign [for better price & mpg] I got flack from union people [& Diesel fuel was 1/3 cost of regular i.e. w/Mercedes cars then – i had friend who owned one] – told them to insist their corps care about economy & American citizens – said they would lose car business if they don’t. Oil & Auto manufacturers ALWAYS in cahoots – car industry has left OUR country. Now they all went to other countries: lost jobs, profits used in other countries, no IRS revenues, FAULT = UAW & Oil & USG.

    To cure this problem: refuse to buy new cars until cars are made in USA w/Diesel fuel [need diesel refineries here]. USG/UAW refuse to allow SEAT Ibiza to be built here [can’t bring one thru Customs] & refuse to allow new car manufacturer in Louisiana [for the competition]. “O” wants 1M Hybrids by 2014 [for his Nuclear Plant “donors”]. New battery for Hybrids cost $3K to $7K [dealers don’t tell customers]. Better cars made in other countries and can’t bring thru Customs is WRONG. GM Chrysler FORD are not American cars any more. FORD latest plant $1B being built in India giving 5K jobs there [since “O” took 200 CEOs to India on taxpayer’s dime – ThankYou Obama].

  39. While I love the idea of diesel powered vehicles, the question I have is when we will ever see diesel here in the USA. Why should Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and heavy truck makers like Peterbilt, Kenworth and Mack trucks have all the fun with diesel? How about cars and light trucks made by Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru, etc?

  40. The 1948 Tucker car – the Tucker was “designed to cruise at 100 mph, at up to 30 mpg.” The Tucker much larger than today’s cars got 30+ mpg…… and USG Congress stopped its production – intimidation of Big 3 and Big Oil won!!!
    Times have not changed. Obama wants for small cars what? 20+mpg? And O wants 1 million Hybrids by next year – while his Big Oil donors get high profits again and their Electric plants win too. When 1M Hybrids Electric costs will sky-rocket [said by Obama himself in 2008 pre-election.

    Size/ weight/ gas-fuel [not even Diesel] 1948 Tucker got up to 33mpg………. Why aren’t people screaming for Economy Diesel cars – made in USA? UAW = big donor to Obama.
    Unions in beginning were good – then came corruption and their corruption continues while in other countries. Americans lost their JOBS, houses, pensions, health-benefits, retirement and their children could no longer follow in their footsteps.
    I was told by man who owed a company of long ago how UNION people came to his company with *pipes & clubs* to fight to let UNION into his company.
    You can get the TUCKER movie at your library for FREE.
    SHAME SHAME on US Government.

  41. TUCKER: over 200K people wanted a TUCKER – see the movie – and court case – that was when Big 3 said they must destroy The TUCKER. The 1948 Senator Homer Ferguson [on the Big 3 take] from Michigan died [80+] old age. Sen Ferguson destroyed Prescott Tucker [who donated many inventions to USG for WWII – inventions still used] died a couple years after his plant closed – many say he died of broken heart.

    Today no one can start-up a new auto manufacturing plant in USA – competition to Ford/ Chrysler/ GM [government motors].
    Do research on your government – before you run out to vote for Obama next time.
    Vote for honest man in WH = Ron Paul.

  42. re: Diesel cars: “While common in Europe, stricter emissions requirements in some states and the recent temporary bout of high priced diesel fuel here has most car manufacturers hesitant to invest….” “High Priced Diesel” [Diesel used to be 1/3 price of regular gas. BIG OIL made that change.] “Stricter emissions requirements” [stricter due to fraud.]

    Yeah, Diesel cars in countries everywhere but USA.
    Do the research – Diesel engines are: quiet/ clean/ LOW-emissions. No Diesel refineries in USA so that GAS prices stay high.
    So why aren’t we “mad as hell and not gonna take it any more”?

    AND no federal taxes paid by Big 3 cars built in OTHER COUNTRIES. Ford now starting ANOTHER plant in INDIA [remember Obama just took >200 American CEOs to India]
    NAFTA “Big Sucking sound” to start again. Obama just expanded NAFTA to South Korea, Panama, Columbia.
    [O promised before election to “renegotiate NAFTA” = just another lie]

  43. check it out – but still NOT in USA.

    “In 2003, Honda developed the 2.2 L four-cylinder i-CTDi diesel engine, which offered exceptionally clean performance. In Europe, Honda implemented the engine on the Accord and other models, achieving a highly favorable response. In 2007, to meet increasingly tough emission standards in countries around the world, Honda introduced the i-DTEC engine, a more advanced version of the i-CTDi that offered emissions performance equivalent to that of a gasoline engine. The newly developed 2.2 L i-DTEC engine passed the Euro5 emission standard before it came into effect in 2009. In November 2008, Honda implemented the i-DTEC diesel engine on the Accord and Accord Tourer in Europe.

    Honda is currently developing a new, more compact diesel engine that it plans to launch in Europe and other markets. Along with Honda’s current 2.2 L diesel engine, the new engine will leverage the ability of diesel technology to reduce CO2 emissions.”

    but NOT in USA. Big Oil doesn’t want Diesel.
    Americans STOP buying cars until they BUILD in USA with Diesel engines. Clean emissions/ quiet/ high mpg/

    USA GM/ FORD/ Chrysler is ripping us off.

  44. I have a 2009 VW Jetta TDI Sportwagon. The required oil change is every 10,000 miles. I average 38 MPG – city and highway. The car has beautiful acceleration, is quiet, responsive and very comfortable. It is fun to drive and the hatchback feature allows for a lot of cargo.

    We should have more cars like this for consumers in this country. I am waiting for Subaru to come out with heir Boxer Diesel. That should be a fun car.

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